Bored at Work? We’ve Got the Game For You

Bored at Work? We’ve Got the Game For You
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No matter what type of office you work in, there are a few things about work life that will always, always remain the same. Whiny co-workers . Faulty printers. Missed deadlines. Awkward silences in the weekly staff meeting. Oh, the joys of cube-dwelling.

Rather than complain about them, though, our friends at ChairOfficeturned them into a fun Bingo game you can play with your office besties. Someone asks you for gum or a phone charger? Mark that spot! Fran from accounting starts complaining it’s too hot? There’s another one! The printer jams and someone starts talking about football—and you just might be a winner.

Pick a few co-workers, head to the site to get your own randomized Bingo cards, then prepare to see the workday in a whole new light.