17 Random But Amazing Things to Make Your Desk as Summery as Possible

17 Random But Amazing Things to Make Your Desk as Summery as Possible
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In April, we all get a little impatient waiting for warmer weather (even though spring just happened).

And, the whole being-stuck-in-the-office-all-day only makes things tougher, especially if your chair faces a stark-white wall instead of a window looking out onto the perfectly blue sky.

Luckily, I know just the trick: Bring the sunshine to you!

Seriously—with any of these 17 items, your desk will feel instantly cooler and brighter, no matter how dull your workspace is.

1. Mini Flower Humidifier , $14.95

The freshness of flowers, indoors.

2. Shark Business Card Holder , $18

Intimidate them with your décor and your qualifications.

3. Botanical Pencils , $14

You can make your own garden without all the stress of trying to keep plants alive.

4. Palm Fronds Water Bottle , $34.95

Spring clean your bland water bottle with something fresh and vibrant.

5. Glow-In-The-Dark Glass Jellyfish Decor , $24

I promise it won’t sting—but it will make your desk shine (even in the dark!).

6. Finch Desk Organizer , $28

A pop o’ color is just what you need to brighten any basic desk.

7. Chick Magnets , $9.95

A punny (and seasonal) way to hang up photos, notes, or cards.

8. Flamingo Pen , $8

No matter what you’re writing, it’s bound to have personality.

9. “What’s the Bug Idea?” Container Set , $39.99

Your lunch will look that much more appetizing (plus, you can bring it outside on your break!).

10. Beach Bound Paperclip Set , $8

Leave little hints to your boss to book a Friday beach day in the future (or, at least make your notes look cute).

11. Mini Popsicle Highlighters , $10

cool new way to get through memos on memos.

12. Desktop Croquet Set , $30

A classic warm-weather sport you can bring with you wherever you are.

13. Imaginative Agenda Desk Calendar , $7.99

Fill your days with thoughts of summer (and maybe some summer plans, too).

14. “Hello Sunshine” Journal , $18

Who needs real sunshine when you can feel like one every day?

15. Shell Sipper Cup , $10.95

A better way to hydrate—period.

16. Polka Dot Stapler , $9.95

Your supplies should be bold and bright, just like your mood.

17. Floral Dimensional Notepad , $24

Your ideas will bloom right before your eyes.